I recently purchased a wig from the Wig Gallery for my mother-in-law who resides in a nursing home. Her hair was thinning and she seemed to be sad and self conscious about her looks. I took a photo to Lori and she picked out the perfect wig to fit her personality. The wig gave her back her dignity. She received so many compliments from the staff and residence. I will never forget when she looked in the mirror with tears in her eyes and said, “I Love It”.

- From, Linda Mulga & Louise Mulga - 09/09/2020

After several years of dealing with thinning hair and many hours of styling with the curling iron, I decided to purchase a wig. A friend of mine referred me to Lori Smith’s Wig Gallery in Rome, New York. This ultimately changed my life in a very positive way. Lori was a joy to deal with and very helpful in guiding me in my selection of the right wig. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I no longer need to rush like ma in getting ready to go anywhere.

- Janet Kiser - 09/09/2020

In January of 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As superficial as it is, one of my biggest concerns was losing my hair. I felt that losing a breast can be covered up and no one would know, but when you lose your hair you carry that stigma around that you are sick. I was also so used to having long hair. A week before I went to see my oncologist for the first time, I saw an ad in my local newspaper for “The Wig Gallery” owned by Lori Smith. I called Lori and set up an appointment to try some on. I didn’t know what to expect as I have never been in this type of position. But when I arrived at my appointment, Lori greeted me at the door and led me to a private and inviting gallery. She was very informative about the different styles and colors as well as the maintenance of owning a wig. I was able to find and purchase a wig that looked most identical to my own hair-style and color. The first time I wore it, I expected it to be uncomfortable and itchy – much to my surprise- it was the exact opposite. In fact on a few occasions, I fell asleep with it on. I wore it to work every day and out in public and no one even knew as I only told my family about my diagnosis. I wore it so much that after about 4 months, I was ready for a new one. I called Lori up and she had another one ready for me immediately. The wigs she carries are of such great quality that even my oncologist remarked that it was one of the best she had seen- and she sees a lot! Lori was such a pleasure to deal with during such a difficult time. Every time I went to my oncologist’s office, I was sure to pass on the word about “The Wig Gallery”. Because of Lori and her business, I was able to get through one of the worst parts of going through breast cancer in style and grace. Thank you so much Lori for being there for me during my journey and shedding a positive light on such a dark road. I am forever grateful for seeing that ad in the newspaper!

Breast Cancer Survivor (1.5 years and counting) - 09/09/2020

As women, we’re always concerned about our appearance, especially our hair! When our hair looks good, we feel good! Not all of us are born with gorgeous, thick, shiny, manageable hair, but there is an alternative, “Wigs”. I’ve been wearing several styles since Lori opened her Wig Gallery, and I am always getting complements because they look so natural. I would recommend them to anyone. For years I’ve been dealing with the dreaded rollers because my hair is so very fine. What a relief not having to deal with that chore every day. Lori’s wigs are light weight and comfortable. The wigs are natural looking, with several color choices and numerous styles to choose from. Her salon is Hollywood Stylish, spotless, clean, one-on-one appointments, and very friendly. She will not sell a wig unless it is the perfect one for you. Lori is very compassionate about her next venture and is a true professional.

- A very satisfied customer - 09/09/2020

When my oncologist confirmed that my hair would fall out, one of my first thoughts was to get a wig. It sounded kind of fun but I didn’t know the first thing about them. I asked my hairdresser and she referred me to the Wig Gallery in Rome, NY. I was wowed when I saw all the wigs on display to try on in a private Gallery located downstairs from the salon. It was very nice. There was a large quality selection of wigs in many colors, sizes, and hair styles to choose from. I didn’t know where to start. Lori was very helpful in explaining the correct way to put on a wig, sizing of wigs, and other wig particulars, and allowed me to take my time and try on as many as I wanted. I think I tried them all! The service was personal, friendly, and supportive. It’s a difficult time undergoing Cancer treatment to say the least. I was not feeling well and not looking forward to losing my hair. Lori was compassionate and patient. Trying on wigs was fun that day. It was reassuring to know I had a wig to wear if I wanted for the Holidays. When I wore my wig no one could tell I had one on and that I was undergoing Cancer treatment. I got a lot of compliments. Husbands and significant others are welcome and encouraged to participate.


I was overwhelmed!!!, when Lori called me eight months ago before ever meeting me to hear she was offering me a wig because she heard I had to go through chemo and a transplant. Getting a wig gave me confidence and comforted me because it was hard to lose my hair. The wig made me feel as if I had my hair back again. Thank you Lori, for your thoughtfulness, and for donating the wig. Your generosity made these past few months so much easier. I really appreciate your kindness.

- Thanks Again, Marissa Amuso - 09/09/2020

I am most grateful to have the opportunity to express my feelings regarding the importance of what you are doing. Regardless of the reasoning in a clients coming to your salon, be it because of hair loss due to cancer or an illness or just plain old age, you are giving that person back their dignity. I think when these challenges happen, the last thing we do not want, is to lose our pride and self esteem Lori, you are a special person in what you care and are willing to take that extra step to not only give this client a wig to cover the look that they are so self conscious about, but to give them direction so they will look their best. It is overwhelming to come in and see all the choices but with your direction and caring, it is not a chore and a process to just get something to cover the imperfection, it is exciting to see what can happen and the changes that are magic. With you help and special talent, this person can leave feeling proud and happy with themselves knowing this is truly the style that is most becoming for them. I speak from experience, I am one of the clients that has gained back their ability to look at people and not be self conscious thinking that everyone is looking at my imperfection and that whatever I wear it just does not give me the look that I was comfortable with before. In closing I again thank you for giving me back my pride.

Much Love, Jean T - 09/09/2020

I know this has been a while, but I want to thank you for taking the time to open for me on July 4th. (Love the Wig!!!). My treatments are now over and hair is not growing back yet, but should be soon! All is good! God Bless you!!!


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